Escape from the vaults of Horror

Escape from the vaults of Horror

Escape from the vaults of Horror


The development of this game took around 30 years.

Well, it was not really a 30 years working time. But it is true that the foundation stone for this game was laid about 30 years ago:

A few classmates and I had owned a C64 in the final phase of our school and of course played one or the other game. One of these were the Castles and Dungeons of Dr. Creep or something like that. A colleague wrote a highscore mixer and so everyone had the ambition to outdo the other.

At the beginning of our study time we had an Atari and no Dr. Creep anymore.

A study co-worker and I came up with the idea to implement the game for the Atari. First things were already, but the study and other interests led unfortunately to that the project was not continued.

So I forgot it for many years until my kids got a Nintendo DS.

I had no great desire to play with the DS, but somehow it must to be possible to develop a game on it.

Unfortunately, the official way was very difficult, but there is a homebrew scene, which could quickly help out with information and development environments, and so I began to familiarize myself with the matter. The game was already far advanced, and I would now proceed to save paused levels and high score tables. I have tried it on all kinds that I could find, and although it was possible for me, (despite claims to the contrary in the internet) to save highscores on a simulator (no$gba), it was impossible for me to save and retrieve something and on real hardware (R4DS)

So the whole thing came to an end.

But now I had a Android Tablet. Let\'s try it!

So read into the program development for Android, installed a development environment and off we went.

Of course, this was new territory first times and I always discovered new opportunities, but also wrong ways. The program has already been reprogrammed several times in parts and it will take a while, until I can call it finished, as there is a circumstance that is vastly time-consuming: The Consideration of different sizes with different resolutions and aspect ratios provided equipment, on which the game is to run, and different speed on different hardware.

One problem is that it will probably never be possible to calculate ways and speeds 100% equal on different hardware, due to rounding errors which will inevitably occur but I try it, as best as I can.

Another problem is that the simulators are all so slow that the game can not be tested properly on them. And I myself and the rest of the family have only a few and only small-resolution phones and tablets.

Be not angry with me, if the game does not work on your hardware as it should. Since I can not detect such errors, I'm reliant on you telling me the error.

Here tell me the error with a detailed description in which level and which room the error occurred in which movement or constellation of monsters.

Otherwise, of course reviews and wishes for future versions are welcome.

Since it is only a hobby to me and I only operate sporadically on on weekends for a few hours on this game, it can take a long time until it will come a new version of the game.

Have fun
wishes you


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