Escape from the vaults of Horror

Escape from the vaults of Horror

Escape from the vaults of Horror


to the Android platform-puzzle game 'Escape from the vaults of Horror'

In this game, it is important to leave the vault as soon as possible. In this case, a certain amount of skill is occasionally necessary. The majority, however, is to press the right button at the right moment, or kill the monsters. Occasionally, they are needed also to operate switches, to which one does not approach itself.

If there are news to report, you can read it under news.

The story of the making of the game and why it already has about 30 years of development history, you can learn under history.

Informations about each level can be found at levels ther you can see a map and pictures of the different rooms. Notes how to solve each level can also be found there.

You can download athe current version of thr game. Of course (in future) you can find the game in the Google Play Store too.

Enjoy watching this page and have fun playing the game.

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